5 minutes Packing.

My Packing List

Sweater  /  2 Tank tops  /  2 Yoga tops  /  2 Yoga pants  /  Running top  /  Running short pants  /  Running bra  /  Sleeping wear  /  2 Underwears(Top)  /  2 Underwears(Bottom)  /  Socks  /  Bikini  /  Beach sandals  /  Cap  /  Straw hat  /  Sunglasses  /  Yoga mat towel  /  1 day Contact lenses for a month  /  Nail cutter  /  Nail file  /  Mini scissors  /  Woman’s face shaver  /  Band-Aid  /  3 Books  /  Notebook  /  Marker pen  /  Tablet  /  Plug for tablet  /  Credit card  /  Passport

That’s all.

It’s time to go!!


Yoga with my favorite teacher.

My favorite Yoga teacher is in Hong Kong. Her name is Megala. She is the person who changed my mind about Yoga.

When I had her first class, I was quite a beginner and my image of Yoga was just exercise. But after this class I felt something interesting and decided to try her class again.

Since then I always enjoy joining her class every visiting in Hong Kong.

Mainly she teaches Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Power vinyasa, and Ashtanga. All classes are really fun, especially the morning class is quite challenging!

She does not only lead poses but also explain what muscles we use, how to move each parts of our body and its angle etc … Because of this I got an opportunity to be interested in human anatomy. And the greatest awareness is when I focus my body, it helps me to focus my mind more deeply.

If you visit in Hong Kong and are interested in Yoga, I recommend to try her class. It’ll be so fun!

The Yoga Room ”   www.yogaroomhk.com


I don’t have a mobile phone.

I haven’t had a mobile phone more than 2 years.

And almost all people didn’t have a mobile phone more than 20 years ago.


Do you remember the feelings when you miss someone you can’t meet for long time?

Do you remember the feelings when you enjoy spending a time with someone just now?

Do you remember the feelings when you feel inside yourself without noise?

Do you remember the feelings……?


I don’t have a mobile phone.

But I can listen to my heart.