Have here or Take away?

We always make a choice in our life continuously.

For example, at Cafe.

“Have here or Take away?”

We choose one of them. Actually we’ve chosen something else already.

“Enjoy having a coffee at Cafe?” or “Enjoy having a walk with a coffee?”

We continue choosing something by ourselves, even if it’s a conscious choice or not. It means we create our life by ourselves.

We’re great creators of our life.

“Have here or Take away?”

What excited choice will you make today?

Have a wonderful day!


“Face to Face” & “Mind to Mind”

I met a dog.

His name is Charlie. He is a charming Staffordshire Bull Terrier with light brown hair.

The moment I made eye contact with him, he smiled at me and came near.

Almost as if he was a human being, he tried to have a conversation with me and he showed me his various facial expressions.

Even though he can’t speak language, “Face to Face” & “Mind to Mind” communication between us was really amazing.

I just want to share this heartwarming story.

Thank you.


What will you do to find your happiness?

What is your happiness?

Having a luxury car, expensive jewelry or a large house? Getting a lot of money or high social status?

When we get these things, we might think it’s our happiness, but usually it doesn’t continue for long and we try to get other things to find new happiness. One day we realize these things never make us happy.


Because we are forced to admit we feel something in our minds…”a sense of emptiness”.

Finally we stop getting the things to remove “a sense of emptiness” and decide to change our life.


Here is the question.

Why can’t we find happiness from the things? Why do we feel “a sense of emptiness” even though we get the things?

Originally we might be happy…when we were born, we already might have been happy, so we don’t need to get anything from outside us. But we didn’t know it because nobody told us about it, almost all people think we have to get something to be happy.


What will you do to find your happiness?


The teaching of the wild Pelicans.

By the Noosa River. (Noosa, QLD, Australia)

We can see the wild Pelicans here. They are calm, friendly and good flyers.

Their flying style is really interesting. It’s hard to fly for their big and heavy bodies so they have to spread their wings against the wind and wait for a while until catching the strong wind. But they never try to force themselves to fly. They just know they can catch the wind and fly. Finally when the timing comes, they start moving their wings and then fly high.

When we have a difficult situation, we try to resist and remove it from our life. It’s possible sometimes but in most cases the situation gets bad.

If we receive the situation and trust ourselves as Pelicans do, we might be able to see the different future.

We are alive to be happy.


Enjoy having a coffee latte with the Five senses.

At Bookstore & Cafe “The River Read

While hearing the sounds the leaves rustle in the breeze,

I taste a lovely heart shaped chocolate served with a coffee latte,

hold the glass and feel the temperature of it,

then I enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed espresso blended with steamed milk.

It’s a cozy and peaceful time.

The world I can see here is simple and beautiful.


The River Read”   www.theriverread.com.au



Everybody has the possibility to become a Minimalist.

When you try to become a Minimalist, what will you do first?

Will you read some books about minimalism? or will you throw all your things away immediately? or……??

If you try to do this, sooner or later you’ll have many things again.

Becoming a Minimalist is NOT difficult. Everybody has the possibility to become a Minimalist. We just need to understand some points and to have a life with a sense of purpose.

Point 1 : Know your things clearly.

How many T-shirts do you have? What is there in a small drawer of a cabinet?

If you can’t answer these kinds of questions quickly, I recommend to check all your things. You’ll find things you have forgotten completely and be surprised at the amount of it. And you won’t have a mistake to get the same or similar things anymore.

Point 2 : Have only things you need definitely.

Do you need all of the things you have now?

If you have something you haven’t used for a long time or are waiting for an opportunity to use, unfortunately you won’t use it in the future. And you’ll know what you need definitely.

Point 3 : Get only things you really want.

When you get something, do you really want it? And do you think well if you really need it or not?

If you get something out of habit, you’ll just waste of your time and money. If you have a sense of purpose to get something, you’ll be able to choose it carefully anytime.


All points are quite simple and everybody can try it.

Would you like to try?

Good luck and have fun!!