My Second Language.

English is my second language. I use English as main language in my daily life.

But I can’t speak English well, I’m not good at talking with someone in English, and it takes minimum an hour or maximum 2-3 hours to write a blog.

Although I had studied English at school for 8 years at least and have kept learning English by myself, my English skill haven’t improved at all. I wasn’t sure why for a long time.

In the past few months I have felt I start understanding English. Actually I enjoy chatting with locals and write a blog in English. Why?

Because I realized an important thing. It’s too obvious and simple.

Language is a communication tool. Language is a tool to express or communicate my feelings and thoughts, and to understand other person’s one with the sounds and the letters. I mean, I need to express or communicate what I feel or think with my heart, and I also need to understand what others feel or think with my heart.

When we try to express something very hard, it will touch person’s heart because we do it with our heart and others are also impressed with their heart. Language is the same. Language without our heart doesn’t get to anyone’s heart.

It’s hard for me to use English but it will be a lucky language to change my world.


The Little France in Noosa.

I went out for birthday party tonight. “Happy Birthday Graeme!!”

It’s The French Bistro “La Riviera” is owned by a french couple. As symbolizing their nice and friendly character, the atmosphere of this bistro is really comfortable and the food is fabulous! I understand why locals recommend this bistro.

I had Bouillabaisse which is a traditional food of Marseille. It was just awesome. I want to explain how delicious it is, but it’s really hard because it’s delicious beyond description.

I knew Bouillabaisse is a famous food in South France but I didn’t have any more information, so I asked the chef’s wife about it.

“Long time ago when fishermen in Marseille came back from a day fishing, they sold fishes. But when some fishes were left, they stewed all fishes together. That was the beginning of Bouillabaisse. Now we add some herbs for example saffron in the soup to flavor and enjoy having this with Rouille**.”

**Rouille is a spicy sauce which is often used in the food of Provence.

It’s an interesting story and she also recommended to have Casserole which is another french traditional food. I heard this recipe was made 300 years ago.

I should try Casserole and others in this little France in Noosa.

The French Bistro “La Riviera”   239-245 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville 4566


A School of Fish.

I went for a walk to the Noosa River this morning.

I sat on a rock and gazed into the clear water. Soon a school of fish came. They were very tiny fishes and there were about 30 fish in the school.

They moved regularly. When a leading fish moved to the right, others also moved to the right. When the leader stopped, others also stopped. It was like a swimming dance show. They were just lovely.

The trifles make my happy day.


My best place, Noosa.

Noosa is a small beach town in the Sunshine Coast region of South East Queensland, Australia.

Talking of Noosa, almost all people think of Noosa Heads. Noosa Heads is a popular spot for tourists with the stunning beach, luxury hotels, nice restaurants and shops.

Noosaville is 5 minutes drive from Noosa Heads. I’ve been staying by the Noosa River in this area. Although there are some restaurants and holiday apartments by the riverside, mainly locals live here. It’s a really calm and peaceful place.

I’m a visitor here but I’m not a visitor because I rarely go to the beach, eat out, and go for shopping as visitors usually do.

I go to yoga studio and do yoga with locals. I have a coffee latte at my favorite cafe and chat with staff and local customers. I get vegetables, fruits, and others at a supermarket and cook by myself. I go for a walk by the riverside.

The lifestyle here is not exciting like a city’s one but because of without noise, I feel everyday is fresh, I’m impressed with various things even if it’s a very tiny thing, and best of all my mind feels free.

Noosa makes me come back here anytime.


The Universe makes the Spring Tide.

About 9:30pm, last night. (Noosa, QLD, Australia)

I went for a walk by the Noosa River. It was a full moon night and I could see the spring tide. Not exactly, I should say I could feel the spring tide.

The spring tide is when the difference between high tide and low tide becomes the biggest and it happens at new moon and full moon.

It was a breezy night and the flowing river made a cozy sound. The water level was higher than usual, the beach got narrow and most of the rocks along the bank were covered with seawater. It was a completely different view.

The spring tide results from the gravitation of the moon and the sun on the earth and the centrifugal force of the earth.

It might be just the spring tide but when I think of this magnificent phenomenon of the universe, I can’t stop feeling human beings are very tiny and the universe makes a deep impression on me.


The effect of Full Moon for the river.

It’s a beautiful full moon tonight.

One local man told me an interesting thing which happens at the Noosa River at full moon. The Noosa River is situated at Noosa, QLD, Australia and it enters the Pacific Ocean.

The difference between high tide and low tide becomes the biggest at full moon.(It also happens at new moon.) It’s called the spring tide.

During high tide in the spring tide, a large amount of seawater flows into the Noosa River. Seawater pushes freshwater upstream and the river becomes full of seawater. At low tide, seawater takes sediment together to the sea and then the river gets clean and clear.

I’m not sure the detail of this natural process. But I’m sure the great Mother Nature alway shows us her natural wisdom.


The great Mother Nature at the Noosa River.

At The Noosa River.(Noosaville, QLD, Australia)

We can enjoy various things by this riverside. Sunbathing, swimming, fishing, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, BBQ, etc…

“There are sharks in this river.” Locals say.

This shark is the Bull Shark. They can live in both saltwater and freshwater and can come up to rivers. They are known as the dangerous one which is responsible for shark attacks.

“But they don’t attack humans here. Because there are plenty of fishes in this river, it’s enough for them.”

The natural ecosystem influences our life. The natural balance between humans and species here makes a safe and peaceful world.

Human beings are alive by the great Mother Nature.