Make a name card by intuition. (1)

In making a name card, I made my original logo. ( I changed my profile image! )

This logo means “a word from my heart”.

The design website I used is “Squarespace Logo”. We can choose a logo from many samples and their designs are very simple and stylish. If you are interested in making your original logo, I recommend to check this website.

“Squarespace Logo”

The first step is done and tomorrow I will take the second step.

It’s just fun!!


A month of posts.

It passed almost a month since I started this blog.

When I started this blog, I decided two things. One is to write what I want to write and the other one is not to put photos on my blog. Because I wanted to express what I feel with 5 senses (+ 6 sense) with my own words. I still and will have this style.

To describe something with my own words is really hard especially when I write about mind, but at the same time it makes me creative and it makes my 5 senses (+ 6 sense) worked very hard. For me, writing a post is creative work and each posts are my works.

I’m going to continue writing a post everyday as much as possible.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading.

With my feelings of gratitude.


Follow my intuition.

I value my intuition.

When an idea flashes into my mind or when I feel something without reason, it’s my intuition.

I trust my intuition.

When I get something by intuition, I follow it.

Today I got an idea suddenly… it is to make my name card.

It seems difficult for people to pronounce and remember my name “Chisa”. Usually people ask me my name again or pronounce it differently or remember it as it’s like “Sachi” or “Chisha” etc…

I don’t know why I got this idea and I’m not sure what will happen. But to make my name card sounds like fun and best of all I’m really excited!

My intuition always takes me to the amazing world which is beyond my imagination.


The story of deer in New Zealand.

Going out for a coffee in the morning is a part of my daily routine.

Recently I met a couple who are from New Zealand at my favorite cafe. They also come to this cafe every morning and we enjoy chatting when we meet.

I saw them this morning at the cafe and listened to the story of deer in New Zealand. Actually I have heard this story from other kiwi men before, it seems to be an important history for them.

The lands of New Zealand were isolated from a continent from the earliest times and they had a characteristic ecosystem. There were almost no mammals in the land, because of this the ecosystem of earthbound birds grew.

About 150 years ago, the colonists brought and released deer to the lands of New Zealand. Deer increased soon, they destroyed the forest, and it badly affected the original ecosystem.

Finally the government decided to get rid of deer and many hunters were employed for this mission. When they went for hunting, they stayed in the forest almost for a month and continued hunting deer.

As helicopters became widespread in New Zealand, they began to use them for hunting and shooting deer from the sky. But they couldn’t root out all deer, so they started shifting to catch deer to sell or run a farm.

They caught deer from the sky as they hunted. When they found them, they threw a net on the deer from a helicopter and some people jumped out to connect a net with their machine, then they lifted and carried the deer.

Although this way helped them catch many deer, it was very dangerous because they were precipitous mountains to approach by a helicopter and when the helicopter lost balance, people also lost their life.

According to “Deer Industry New Zealand”, in the past few years, the deer industry in New Zealand was down because the prices of sheep and cattle got higher than venison and many deer farmers reduced the number of deer. But now venison prices are recovering and many farmers start rebuilding their breeding herds.

If you have a chance to eat New Zealand venison, I hope you will remember an older generation of people who worked hard in the deer industry and the fascinating story of deer in New Zealand.


The mind knows.

When I decide something, I have the following points in my mind.

It’s not if it will be gain or loss for me. It’s not if it will be right or wrong in the social rules. The points are I don’t lie to myself and I am honest with myself.

In the past I often chose things even though they were not the real decisions in my mind. Outwardly I was fine but I didn’t feel happy inside myself at all. It was an inevitable result because I ignored my mind.

It’s easy to choose the safe and secure things without listening to our mind and we might feel happy in a moment. But sooner or later this happiness will be finished.

When we decide something with our mind, it can be a hard decision and make us unhappy sometimes. But when we think back what we have done, we know it was right.

The mind knows how to become happy.