When you are jealous of someone, it’s a chance to change your life.

Because they already do what you want to do and they make you realize you don’t do it yet.

If you have time to be jealous of someone, you should do what you want to do immediately.


The ability to realize.

I will write what I realized Today. The theme is “the ability to realize”.

When I was on the balcony in the evening, I thought the days are getting longer. I didn’t realize it because I’m used to be here in Noosa.

Then I realized “when we are used to something, our ability to realize become dull”. I mean, when we are used to something, it becomes difficult to realize how happy we are.

For example,

– We don’t know the blessing of health till we have lost it.

– It’s not until we lose someone that we realize how important they are.

To keep “the ability to realize” in good condition, we should spend everyday with the feelings of gratitude consciously.

Is your ability to realize working well?


New yogi appears!

We start our day with exercise. I do yoga and my man does weight training in the morning.

Although we do our exercise in separate rooms, I often feel a sign of him. He takes a peep at me in the intervals of training. I wondered why he looks at me.

Now I understand the reason. Recently he shows me some yoga poses all of a sudden and to my surprise, his poses are completely perfect!! (I must be a good example for him…) He seems to be interested in yoga little by little. I’m really glad about it because I thought he doesn’t like yoga.

Anyway, new yogi appears! We might be good yoga partners in the near future!?


Do you know “Give Me monster”?

Do you know “Give Me monster”?

It’s the monster who tries to get attention or good energy from others. They are not satisfied with themselves at all and they always feel that something is missing.

I always write that you should do what you want to do. Do you know why? Because to do what you want to do is to make yourself satisfied.

Nobody can make you satisfied. Even if people try hard to make you satisfied, they will get tired to be with you and leave you sooner or later.

If you feel that you might be “Give Me monster”, it’s time for you to face yourself. You need to consider why you don’t feel satisfied. It’s your problem but not other person’s. Please find the answer inside yourself.

Say goodbye to “Give Me monster” in your mind and realize the happiness which you already have.


You need to do what you don’t want to do sometimes.

I always write that you should do what you want to do, but today I will write an opposite thing.

The theme is “You need to do what you DON’T want to do sometimes.”

I love doing yoga and want to progress, so I practice yoga almost everyday. Although I wake up around 5:30am or a little bit more early to practice, I sometimes think that I don’t want to wake up at this time or I don’t feel like doing yoga. But I know that it’s impossible to progress my skill without practicing, so I wake up early and continue to practice.

In my case, I want to progress my yoga skill, so I need to wake up early and practice yoga almost everyday.

I will give you one more example.

One day you find a pretty bikini at a shop and imagine that it will be nice to wear this bikini on the beach. Immediately you try it on, but you heave a sigh when you look at yourself in a mirror. Although you hesitate to buy it, you really like it. Finally you buy it and decide to go on a diet.

What will you do next at this situation?

If you don’t improve your diet or don’t work out, you will never be able to wear this pretty bikini. To wear this bikini, you need to change your eating habit and need to work out.

When I say “you should do what you want to do”, some people just try to choose an easy thing. But to choose the easy thing and to do what you want to do are completely different. (**If you really want to do the easy thing, it’s no problem.)

In conclusion…

“To do what you want to do, you need to do what you don’t want to do sometimes.”