How to get along with someone.

I come to Richmond in New Zealand a few times a year. Here is my man’s hometown and his parents live here.

Although we stay at their house when we come here, I was always nervous and my tense atmosphere affected everybody.

But at this time, obviously the atmosphere is so different that my man is surprised. I don’t know the reason. I just changed one thing.

It’s to call their name.

For example,

“Good morning, (name)”

“Thank you, (name)”

“(name), shall we ~?” etc…

I feel it seems to have a psychological effect. Actually, when people call me my name, I have friendly feeling towards them.

If you have a person who you want to get along with, try this simple way!


Welcome to New Zealand!

I’m back from a short rest.

Now l’m in Richmond, New Zealand.

Richmond is a town which is close to Nelson in the South Island of New Zealand. This area is Waimea Plains and there are farms, orchards and wineries around here.

Especially it’s famous for wines above all and we can drink many grape varieties… Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Pinot Noir etc. (I like Sauvignon Blanc and I had often drunk it before although I stopped drinking now.)

Anyway, I will spend Christmas time here and enjoy a green Christmas.



When you are jealous of someone, it’s a chance to change your life.

Because they already do what you want to do and they make you realize you don’t do it yet.

If you have time to be jealous of someone, you should do what you want to do immediately.


The ability to realize.

I will write what I realized Today. The theme is “the ability to realize”.

When I was on the balcony in the evening, I thought the days are getting longer. I didn’t realize it because I’m used to be here in Noosa.

Then I realized “when we are used to something, our ability to realize become dull”. I mean, when we are used to something, it becomes difficult to realize how happy we are.

For example,

– We don’t know the blessing of health till we have lost it.

– It’s not until we lose someone that we realize how important they are.

To keep “the ability to realize” in good condition, we should spend everyday with the feelings of gratitude consciously.

Is your ability to realize working well?


New yogi appears!

We start our day with exercise. I do yoga and my man does weight training in the morning.

Although we do our exercise in separate rooms, I often feel a sign of him. He takes a peep at me in the intervals of training. I wondered why he looks at me.

Now I understand the reason. Recently he shows me some yoga poses all of a sudden and to my surprise, his poses are completely perfect!! (I must be a good example for him…) He seems to be interested in yoga little by little. I’m really glad about it because I thought he doesn’t like yoga.

Anyway, new yogi appears! We might be good yoga partners in the near future!?