Have good manners.

Actually, I’ve been in Noosa, Australia for nearly three months.

I spend time in Noosa for half the year, and every time I come here, I feel the number of visitors is increasing and smokers also are increasing.

There is something that is annoying me.

I’m not sure they are locals or visitors, but their smoking manner is bad. They smoke in the public space without caring about it, and some of them throw away cigarette butts on the street.

Am I sensitive too much? I don’t think so.

Although they might relax during smoking, for non smokers and Mother Nature it’s nothing more than an unpleasant thing.

I won’t say “Don’t smoke!!”, but I would like them to study tobacco laws and have good manners.

“Tobacco laws in Queensland” – Queensland Government

I don’t know who you are, but…

Although I haven’t updated my blog post recently…

When I write a post, I always think of the following things.

I hope someone is interested in a topic.

I hope someone gives a chuckle and smile.

I hope someone feels something in his heart.

I hope someone knows people who I’m believing in.


I don’t know who you are.

But if something is changing better for you before and after reading my post,

I am really happy.

Happiness has already been in the hands of you.

“If I get such and such, everything will go well…”

Are you thinking of this kind of thing now?


I saw a toddler today.

She was laughing all the time and looked so happy.

What she was doing was just to run at full speed.

Then I thought happiness is like this.


If you are suffering in your life, you might be making it complicated.

Live like a toddler.

Happiness has already been in the hands of you.