Failure teaches success.

Since I had updated my consciousness to yoga, I really have enjoyed doing yoga.

Why do I like yoga? Because I can feel as much progress as I practice. I like to challenge something from scratch.

I remembered “a sponge cake story” which shows you my character.

I think it was 2 years ago. I wanted to make a birthday cake for a woman and her birthday was 3 days later.

My image of cake was like a japanese one. Have you ever seen it? Talking of a cake in Japan, we imagine a sponge cake. I checked some japanese sponge cake recipes on websites and I thought of my original sponge cake recipe. (Then I wanted to use natural ingredients as much as possible, so I needed to arrange the recipes.)

When I started trying, an accident happened. Even though I made a cake as the recipe said, it was a very thin cake. I thought I had a mistake for something and tried it again, but I made a thin cake again. The first day was finished.

On the second day, l changed the amount of some ingredients and tried twice. Although I tried a different way each time, both failed. I didn’t know why. I researched the cause and found it. The cause was flour. Japanese flour has less gluten than foreign countries one, so it’s easy to raise. (When we add water to gluten, it becomes sticky. It’s not good for a sponge cake to rise.)

On the third day, I changed from flour to corn flour and tried. I failed the first time. The cause seemed to be honey and I changed from honey to sugar. After I adjusted some ingredients, I tried again. A cake batter raised high in the oven. Finally I succeeded.

As a result I made 5 thin cakes (I might have made more…), but I enjoyed this challenge and now I can make a sponge cake easily and surely. Although people around me then were worried about me because I failed a lot, I didn’t think they were failures and I trusted myself.

Almost all people think failure is a bad thing but I wonder if it’s true or not. For me, failure is just a different way for success. Even if I fail something, I can know it’s not a correct way and try other ways.

Failure teaches success and its experience makes us grow.

If you want to try something, never give up before trying. Trust yourself and you will do it.


Which spot will you choose?

Today’s post is about yoga. Having said that, I don’t intend to write about yoga poses and yoga philosophy.

The theme is “Which spot will you choose to do yoga at a yoga studio?” (The class is not full, so you can choose it freely.)

Or if you don’t do yoga, please change the situation like this… “Which seat will you choose to attend a lecture at a university?”

Did you think of your answer and reason?

It’s neither good nor bad. I just feel it seems to show our characters.

For example, a person who chooses the front row might be active, a person who chooses the middle row might not like standing out to a teacher, and a person who chooses the back row might want to look at another person’s movements etc…

Incidentally, I always choose the front row of the wall side. The reason is mainly I want to look at the teacher’s movements to check the correct alignments because I don’t understand what they say in English sometimes and I don’t want to hit a person when I spread my arms.

I think analyzing our character by ourselves is interesting to know ourselves.

What do you think of yourself?


Update the consciousness.

I go to yoga studio almost everyday. I like doing yoga and want to progress day by day.

But recently, to be honest, I have got bored to do yoga.

I considered the reason… Should I change the yoga studio to have more challenging classes? Is the timetable fine for me? How about teachers and classes? etc…

I started finding a new yoga studio and at the same time I felt I was missing the point.

“What is this strange feeling?”

Then I realized finding a new studio doesn’t have a meaning. Even if I find a new place, I will feel bored again.

When we continue to do same things for a long time, sometimes we forget its purpose and come to do it out of habit, and even though we try to change the environment or the way, we repeat a same pattern as a result.

First what we have to do is to find the root cause of the problem. It’s usually because of our consciousness. Before changing something, we need to remember the purpose and update our consciousness. Then if we need to change, we do so.

To update our consciousness leads us to conscious actions.


Know myself through yoga.

For me, yoga is moving meditation but not exercise. To do yoga is to look at and feel myself objectively.

When I had practiced “head stand” before, I realized there were two feelings inside myself. One was I want to be able to do “head stand”, the other one was I was scary to fall down.

To be able to do “head stand”, I had to overcome the scared feeling and even though I fell down, I had to try again and again.

Fear or success? Finally I chose success. I need to face myself to progress in yoga anytime.

At today’s class, I realized an unpleasant feeling I had to admit.

The feeling was I compared myself and others. When others could do a pose which I couldn’t, I got depressed and when I could do a pose which others couldn’t, I felt superior.

I was disappointed in myself and I didn’t want to admit this feeling.

But it’s me. This worst person is me.

Although I understand nobody is perfect, today was the day I realized I am still unskilled.


Yoga with my favorite teacher.

My favorite Yoga teacher is in Hong Kong. Her name is Megala. She is the person who changed my mind about Yoga.

When I had her first class, I was quite a beginner and my image of Yoga was just exercise. But after this class I felt something interesting and decided to try her class again.

Since then I always enjoy joining her class every visiting in Hong Kong.

Mainly she teaches Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Power vinyasa, and Ashtanga. All classes are really fun, especially the morning class is quite challenging!

She does not only lead poses but also explain what muscles we use, how to move each parts of our body and its angle etc … Because of this I got an opportunity to be interested in human anatomy. And the greatest awareness is when I focus my body, it helps me to focus my mind more deeply.

If you visit in Hong Kong and are interested in Yoga, I recommend to try her class. It’ll be so fun!

The Yoga Room ”