From the winter place to the summer one!

I just finished three months staying in Noosa and I’m waiting for the flight to the next destination at Brisbane international airport now.

The next destination… It’s the place I practice yoga with my favorite teacher very hard every time, and people are always nice there.

Right, I’m ready to move from the winter place to the summer one!

I restarted practicing yoga today.

I restarted practicing yoga today.

Three weeks had passed since I stopped doing yoga. It was a long time to wait for recovery. Although a teacher said three weeks wasn’t so long and no worries, I felt a big difference.

What I thought during class is I like yoga because I feel like mind and body connect. My consciousness moves from outside of me to inside and it’s like I meditate deeply. (Actually I’m not good at meditating in the normal way, though…)

I am basically happy, and I am happier when I do yoga. I’m still an unskilled yogi, but I’d like to say these words…

Yoga is my life!


Ah well, I wish…

I have seen a physiotherapist since last Friday. (I stopped going to chiropractic because I read some articles about a fatal accident of chiropractic and I became scared very much.)

Actually it was ascertained that I also have an injury to my left knee. I just have felt something is wrong with my knee and asked a doctor about it casually. So the doctor said my knee has damage. I was surprised because it wasn’t sore at all! (Fortunately it’s not serious.)

Anyway now I have a treatment for my arm and knee, and I do some exercise for them twice a day at home. I feel they are getting better day by day. If they get well soon, I might be able to restart practicing yoga in a week!! Human beings can do our best for favorite things.

Ah well, I wish I can put my heart into my English study…

I haven’t written a blog post for a little while.

I haven’t written a blog post for a little while.

As I wrote in the previous post, my right arm was sore. Now the pain has almost gone, but I still feel that something is wrong with my arm.

It was inconvenient not to use my dominant arm. I had been forbidden to take groceries by a doctor (that is, I couldn’t take a heavy thing. Actually, I couldn’t dry my hair with a dryer by my dominant arm until yesterday…), I couldn’t cook, it was hard to hang out and fold the laundry, and so on.

Of course, I haven’t done yoga recently. Because of this, I have gotten up late every morning and become a lazy girl. Even if I do say so myself, that’s really bad!!

Anyway, I’m concentrating on getting well and want to recover as soon as possible.

I went to chiropractic today.

I went to chiropractic today.

Actually, I have had a pain in the right forearm and elbow for three months (correctly, the pain has gone appeared and disappeared), and I had a sharp pain this morning. I think it’s because of side plank pose at a yoga class.

According to a chiropractor, my elbow joint is flexible and I seemed to bend it to the opposite side too much. She said that the area of or around the right elbow gets swollen. (Fortunately!?, I didn’t realize it…)

Then I got chiropractic treatment for the right arm, and I also saw her about my neck and back. When she gave me treatment, bones (especially the neck bones) made a loud cracking sound and everybody had a big laugh!

Anyway, I go to chiropractic next Monday again. I became a fan of chiropractic and I’m secretly looking forward to getting treatment next time.