From the winter place to the summer one!

I just finished three months staying in Noosa and I’m waiting for the flight to the next destination at Brisbane international airport now.

The next destination… It’s the place I practice yoga with my favorite teacher very hard every time, and people are always nice there.

Right, I’m ready to move from the winter place to the summer one!

Have good manners.

Actually, I’ve been in Noosa, Australia for nearly three months.

I spend time in Noosa for half the year, and every time I come here, I feel the number of visitors is increasing and smokers also are increasing.

There is something that is annoying me.

I’m not sure they are locals or visitors, but their smoking manner is bad. They smoke in the public space without caring about it, and some of them throw away cigarette butts on the street.

Am I sensitive too much? I don’t think so.

Although they might relax during smoking, for non smokers and Mother Nature it’s nothing more than an unpleasant thing.

I won’t say “Don’t smoke!!”, but I would like them to study tobacco laws and have good manners.

“Tobacco laws in Queensland” – Queensland Government

One is never too old to learn.

I joined in a special fundraiser workshop for Africa Yoga Project at Apollo Power Yoga in Christchurch yesterday. (Yes, I’m still here! Haha)

Actually, it was the first yoga workshop for me.

Although the workshop was for all levels and we practiced basic poses including some more advanced material, I learned correct alignment and how to use each muscle, and I found new knowledge from questions of other yogis.

It was a quick two hours. I really enjoyed this workshop and was glad to join it.

Anyway, one is never too old to learn.

“Africa Yoga Project”

Yoga affects our traveling life!?

I go to a yoga studio in each place for our traveling life. So when we decide the place where we go, the most important thing for me is if there is a yoga studio there.

I have some points to choose a yoga studio, for example there is a good teacher, I can have a challenging class, the studio is clean and has a nice atmosphere etc… and when I find a favorite studio, I become a repeater and go to the studio every visit.

Although I have my yoga studio rankings, recently the number one is changing. At the present moment, my best yoga studio is Apollo Power Yoga in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Reasons I like this studio are…

– They teach Power Vinyasa Yoga and I like this style of yoga.

– I can have a class at 7:30am every morning.

– Teachers are nice and friendly.

– I can have a different teacher’s class everyday, so I don’t lose interest.

– The studio is clean and has a comfortable atmosphere.

– The studio is within walking distance.

As above, almost all things are good for me.

For this reason, we decided to extend our stay in Christchurch over again, and we are likely to stay here almost all the time on this New Zealand trip.

“Apollo Power Yoga”

Are you interested in donation?

The yoga studio which I go to in Christchurch has a contribution class at 7:30am every Sunday. Attendance is by donation of $5 or more for The Africa Yoga Project.

When I was in Japan, I had donated money for refugees through UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) every month. But it became difficult to donate to charity organizations on a regular basis since I started this traveling life, so I appreciate having this opportunity and join their contribution class during staying in Christchurch.

I understand you need to make opportunity to begin donating. If you want to contribute to society or if you don’t know which charity organizations you should donate, even though you are interested in it, how about joining activities like their contribution yoga class?

Your action will be Light of Hope for someone.

“Apollo Power Yoga”

“The Africa Yoga Project”

I won’t say goodbye, Chch…

Although I was going to leave Christchurch this week, I decided to extend my period of stay here, yeah!

Luckily I found a nice yoga studio which I can take a class at the same time every morning, there is a cafe close to the place I stay which has a lovely latte, and I can go to a big park by walk. (Unfortunately there is no supermarket around here, so opportunity of eating out increased, though…)

Cafe staff said this morning, “The city recovers day by day and people also recover their energy.” I agree with her. Everything in Christchurch now is completely different from the past.

Anyway, I will enjoy this calm city life a little longer.