It’s just a car.

I write a story you might think I am a cold person.

On the way home from a supermarket yesterday, I saw a middle-aged couple.

When I passed them, I felt they were upset from their conversations. While they parked their car on the street, someone’s car seemed to hit their car and be gone without say anything.

They seemed to want to find out the culprit, but unfortunately it was impossible because they didn’t know who it was.

Then I said to them in my mind,

“It’s just a car…”

I was surprised myself. If people who have the same situation are said like this, they will get angry definitely.

Actually my real meaning of this words is as follows,

“It’s just a car… If the culprit’s car hit your car when you drove, you might have injured or lost your life. But you guys are still fine!”

I am a minimalist. The life as a minimalist taught me an important thing. It was that things never make me happy.

The happiness is really simple and we just realize it.


How to start a new adventure.

In 1st May 2014, I left my home country Japan and a new adventure started.

I had had an ordinary life in Japan as people usually have. Worked hard, bought many things, spent busy holiday, met many people etc… but one day I doubted about my life.

“Do I want to repeat this routine in my whole life?”

I wondered if I ought to change my way of living. In January 2013, I decided to change my life and executed the following things.

I stopped doing what I had to do. I stopped drinking alcohol for social intercourse and stopped having socializing that I had been fed up with.

At the same time I started doing what I wanted to do. I moved to a nice newly-built apartment, started working out with personal trainer, started going to an English conversation school and enjoyed wearing clothes which enhanced my charm.

My life became better little by little. I enjoyed everyday and felt satisfied with my life.

Then the happening which changed my life came to me. I met a man who had a key to step up to the next stage.

When we met, he also had started thinking to change his life. We immediately understood we were right persons for each other and decided to be together 2 weeks later we met.

After we put our each affairs straight in Japan, our adventures started in May 2014.

Our lifestyle is basically traveling, and so we don’t have a house and currently we won’t have it. We have continued this traveling life since we started.

We are travelers but we are not travelers because we stay one place as long as possible without visa and spend a time as we live there like locals.

We both are minimalists. Our things are few, so it’s easy to move from one country to the other country with small carry-on baggages.

On that day I decided to change my life, I never ever imagined this life. I just decided to live life in my own way and now I really feel free and happy.

Although people try to have a safe and secure life, sometimes it makes our life boring. As a coin has the obverse and the reverse, we also have good things and bad things in our life. They alway exist at the same time and we can’t choose only good things.

We only have one life. Never too late to start.


The useful idea of the Minimalist.

The idea of the minimalist is simple and efficient.

It’s really useful in many situations, for example to manage multiple projects at work, to clean and tidy up the house, to make a plan for traveling, etc…

Here are the points of the idea:

1. Know the details.

2. Think of a work flow from start to finish.

3. Simulate this flow in your head.

4. Carry out this simulation.


For example, when managing a work project:

1. Know the details of your projects.  The number of projects, the weights, the time limits…etc

2. Think of a work flow for your projects.  Considering all the aspects of point 1, decide the priority and think of a flow for your projects.

3. Simulate the flow of Point 2 in your head clearly.

4. Carry out the simulation of Point 3.

Point 2 and 3 is very important. If you think the flow is not good or the simulation is stuck, you need to change and try them again.

Time has a limit. How about finishing what you have to do with efficiency? You need to enjoy your free time!


What will you do to find your happiness?

What is your happiness?

Having a luxury car, expensive jewelry or a large house? Getting a lot of money or high social status?

When we get these things, we might think it’s our happiness, but usually it doesn’t continue for long and we try to get other things to find new happiness. One day we realize these things never make us happy.


Because we are forced to admit we feel something in our minds…”a sense of emptiness”.

Finally we stop getting the things to remove “a sense of emptiness” and decide to change our life.


Here is the question.

Why can’t we find happiness from the things? Why do we feel “a sense of emptiness” even though we get the things?

Originally we might be happy…when we were born, we already might have been happy, so we don’t need to get anything from outside us. But we didn’t know it because nobody told us about it, almost all people think we have to get something to be happy.


What will you do to find your happiness?


Everybody has the possibility to become a Minimalist.

When you try to become a Minimalist, what will you do first?

Will you read some books about minimalism? or will you throw all your things away immediately? or……??

If you try to do this, sooner or later you’ll have many things again.

Becoming a Minimalist is NOT difficult. Everybody has the possibility to become a Minimalist. We just need to understand some points and to have a life with a sense of purpose.

Point 1 : Know your things clearly.

How many T-shirts do you have? What is there in a small drawer of a cabinet?

If you can’t answer these kinds of questions quickly, I recommend to check all your things. You’ll find things you have forgotten completely and be surprised at the amount of it. And you won’t have a mistake to get the same or similar things anymore.

Point 2 : Have only things you need definitely.

Do you need all of the things you have now?

If you have something you haven’t used for a long time or are waiting for an opportunity to use, unfortunately you won’t use it in the future. And you’ll know what you need definitely.

Point 3 : Get only things you really want.

When you get something, do you really want it? And do you think well if you really need it or not?

If you get something out of habit, you’ll just waste of your time and money. If you have a sense of purpose to get something, you’ll be able to choose it carefully anytime.


All points are quite simple and everybody can try it.

Would you like to try?

Good luck and have fun!!


5 minutes Packing.

My Packing List

Sweater  /  2 Tank tops  /  2 Yoga tops  /  2 Yoga pants  /  Running top  /  Running short pants  /  Running bra  /  Sleeping wear  /  2 Underwears(Top)  /  2 Underwears(Bottom)  /  Socks  /  Bikini  /  Beach sandals  /  Cap  /  Straw hat  /  Sunglasses  /  Yoga mat towel  /  1 day Contact lenses for a month  /  Nail cutter  /  Nail file  /  Mini scissors  /  Woman’s face shaver  /  Band-Aid  /  3 Books  /  Notebook  /  Marker pen  /  Tablet  /  Plug for tablet  /  Credit card  /  Passport

That’s all.

It’s time to go!!


I don’t have a mobile phone.

I haven’t had a mobile phone more than 2 years.

And almost all people didn’t have a mobile phone more than 20 years ago.


Do you remember the feelings when you miss someone you can’t meet for long time?

Do you remember the feelings when you enjoy spending a time with someone just now?

Do you remember the feelings when you feel inside yourself without noise?

Do you remember the feelings……?


I don’t have a mobile phone.

But I can listen to my heart.