What is the fact?

I don’t watch TV and don’t read a newspaper intentionally because the news describes the facts from only one angle.

I introduce you a story which was written by a Japanese woman in her blog.

She got married with a French man and has lived in Paris for a long time.

When “November 2015 Paris attacks” happened, she was in Paris. A curfew was imposed on the city and many extreme pictures were broadcast on TV. These happenings caused people to have bad images of Muslim people.

She has three children and they have some Muslim classmates. After this attacks, she was troubled how she explained this situation to them. But she didn’t need to be worried about it because her children understood the true facts. They said to their Muslim classmates, “We understand you are not wrong.”

The news on TV and the contents of newspapers excite humans curiosity, especially in case of bad news, and people recognize them as the fact even though they are described from only one angle. As her children did, if we understand the true facts, we don’t need to become new assailants and don’t need to make new victims.

Remember we always have to understand the facts from various angles.


How to approach success.

I posted Failure teaches success yesterday. I will write a related thing about it today.

Here is a question. (Please choose the answer below.)

“When you try something new, if you fail it, what will you do next?”

1. Give up immediately.  //  2. Give up after you try it two or three times.  //  3. Continue it until you succeed.

If you chose 1 or 2, I recommend to read yesterday’s post with today’s one. If you chose 3, I hope this post will be an useful information for you.

When people fail something, they usually give up soon. Generally failure still have negative images in human society and almost all people don’t want to feel bad again after they failed. I understand their feelings and everybody wants to succeed without failure.

Now I introduce you how to approach success. (This is my own way. If you get a hint, I will be happy.)

There are 3 points;

1. Find the root cause of failure.   Failure has the cause. If you find it, you can approach success. Think about the cause from various angles.

2. Try some different ways.   If you find the root cause of failure, try again with different ways. Be careful not to try same way because you already know it doesn’t work.

3. Know your worth never change even if you fail.   When you fail, you might feel depressed and miserable. But don’t worry, you just don’t know the correct way. Even if you fail something, your worth will never change.

If you overcome failure once, you will feel trying something is really fun. Believe in your potential and make your new world!!


Failure teaches success.

Since I had updated my consciousness to yoga, I really have enjoyed doing yoga.

Why do I like yoga? Because I can feel as much progress as I practice. I like to challenge something from scratch.

I remembered “a sponge cake story” which shows you my character.

I think it was 2 years ago. I wanted to make a birthday cake for a woman and her birthday was 3 days later.

My image of cake was like a japanese one. Have you ever seen it? Talking of a cake in Japan, we imagine a sponge cake. I checked some japanese sponge cake recipes on websites and I thought of my original sponge cake recipe. (Then I wanted to use natural ingredients as much as possible, so I needed to arrange the recipes.)

When I started trying, an accident happened. Even though I made a cake as the recipe said, it was a very thin cake. I thought I had a mistake for something and tried it again, but I made a thin cake again. The first day was finished.

On the second day, l changed the amount of some ingredients and tried twice. Although I tried a different way each time, both failed. I didn’t know why. I researched the cause and found it. The cause was flour. Japanese flour has less gluten than foreign countries one, so it’s easy to raise. (When we add water to gluten, it becomes sticky. It’s not good for a sponge cake to rise.)

On the third day, I changed from flour to corn flour and tried. I failed the first time. The cause seemed to be honey and I changed from honey to sugar. After I adjusted some ingredients, I tried again. A cake batter raised high in the oven. Finally I succeeded.

As a result I made 5 thin cakes (I might have made more…), but I enjoyed this challenge and now I can make a sponge cake easily and surely. Although people around me then were worried about me because I failed a lot, I didn’t think they were failures and I trusted myself.

Almost all people think failure is a bad thing but I wonder if it’s true or not. For me, failure is just a different way for success. Even if I fail something, I can know it’s not a correct way and try other ways.

Failure teaches success and its experience makes us grow.

If you want to try something, never give up before trying. Trust yourself and you will do it.


Mobile phone poisoning.

I went to a lovely french restaurant for dinner last night and saw a strange situation.

There were two contrasting women’s groups. One was enjoying talking during dinner and the other was taking photos on their mobile phones and using them all the time.

As the latter women sat at their table, they started taking photo on each phone. I sometimes see this situation at restaurants, so I didn’t mind it.

In the restaurant it was illuminated by indirect lightning and candlelight and it was a nice atmosphere. But they continued to use their phones after taking first photos and soon the second photo shooting started. They took photos of every dish that came.

Can you imagine this situation which has the sound of a shutter and the bright light of the phone screens all the time?

Now almost all people have mobile phones (incidentally, I haven’t had a mobile phone for more than 2 years intentionally) and I feel some people depend on their phones too much. It’s mobile phone poisoning.

Although a mobile phone is useful in daily life, I regret people forget to enjoy right now at this moment.


Which spot will you choose?

Today’s post is about yoga. Having said that, I don’t intend to write about yoga poses and yoga philosophy.

The theme is “Which spot will you choose to do yoga at a yoga studio?” (The class is not full, so you can choose it freely.)

Or if you don’t do yoga, please change the situation like this… “Which seat will you choose to attend a lecture at a university?”

Did you think of your answer and reason?

It’s neither good nor bad. I just feel it seems to show our characters.

For example, a person who chooses the front row might be active, a person who chooses the middle row might not like standing out to a teacher, and a person who chooses the back row might want to look at another person’s movements etc…

Incidentally, I always choose the front row of the wall side. The reason is mainly I want to look at the teacher’s movements to check the correct alignments because I don’t understand what they say in English sometimes and I don’t want to hit a person when I spread my arms.

I think analyzing our character by ourselves is interesting to know ourselves.

What do you think of yourself?


Think not on what you lack…

It has passed almost 5 weeks since I came to Noosa in Australia and I have spent a very calm day everyday.

Noosa is a small beach town and it’s popular place for tourists but people who like exciting city life might feel bored if they stay here for a long time.

In fact, I feel the inconvenience sometimes, for example the number of yoga classes at the studio for a day are very few compared to the city’s one, there is no large bookstore, there is no Starbucks etc… And Noosa is too peaceful to find news for this blog, so recently I have trouble!!

I don’t intend to complain of it. I want to write what I realized under this situation.

As mentioned above, everyday is a very calm day in Noosa. The climate here is nice throughout the year, people are friendly, and we can always feel the great nature. For these reasons, I don’t feel any stress and don’t get annoyed at all while I’m staying here.

There are no stress and negative emotions in daily life. It’s a really fabulous thing, isn’t it?

I will finish writing this post with the following proverb.

“Think not on what you lack as much as on what you have.”


How to start a new adventure.

In 1st May 2014, I left my home country Japan and a new adventure started.

I had had an ordinary life in Japan as people usually have. Worked hard, bought many things, spent busy holiday, met many people etc… but one day I doubted about my life.

“Do I want to repeat this routine in my whole life?”

I wondered if I ought to change my way of living. In January 2013, I decided to change my life and executed the following things.

I stopped doing what I had to do. I stopped drinking alcohol for social intercourse and stopped having socializing that I had been fed up with.

At the same time I started doing what I wanted to do. I moved to a nice newly-built apartment, started working out with personal trainer, started going to an English conversation school and enjoyed wearing clothes which enhanced my charm.

My life became better little by little. I enjoyed everyday and felt satisfied with my life.

Then the happening which changed my life came to me. I met a man who had a key to step up to the next stage.

When we met, he also had started thinking to change his life. We immediately understood we were right persons for each other and decided to be together 2 weeks later we met.

After we put our each affairs straight in Japan, our adventures started in May 2014.

Our lifestyle is basically traveling, and so we don’t have a house and currently we won’t have it. We have continued this traveling life since we started.

We are travelers but we are not travelers because we stay one place as long as possible without visa and spend a time as we live there like locals.

We both are minimalists. Our things are few, so it’s easy to move from one country to the other country with small carry-on baggages.

On that day I decided to change my life, I never ever imagined this life. I just decided to live life in my own way and now I really feel free and happy.

Although people try to have a safe and secure life, sometimes it makes our life boring. As a coin has the obverse and the reverse, we also have good things and bad things in our life. They alway exist at the same time and we can’t choose only good things.

We only have one life. Never too late to start.