I went to chiropractic today.

I went to chiropractic today.

Actually, I have had a pain in the right forearm and elbow for three months (correctly, the pain has gone appeared and disappeared), and I had a sharp pain this morning. I think it’s because of side plank pose at a yoga class.

According to a chiropractor, my elbow joint is flexible and I seemed to bend it to the opposite side too much. She said that the area of or around the right elbow gets swollen. (Fortunately!?, I didn’t realize it…)

Then I got chiropractic treatment for the right arm, and I also saw her about my neck and back. When she gave me treatment, bones (especially the neck bones) made a loud cracking sound and everybody had a big laugh!

Anyway, I go to chiropractic next Monday again. I became a fan of chiropractic and I’m secretly looking forward to getting treatment next time.

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