Feel and accept myself as I am.

What image do you have about yoga?

When I tell people that I do yoga, their image of yoga is usually that yoga is easy exercise or gentle stretching.

My image of yoga is different from theirs.

I sometimes see people who force themselves to pose, even though they look painful. Although I’m not a yoga teacher, I can see obviously that they are capable of being injured. I understand them because I was like them before. But when I injured my back, I realized that yoga is not just posing.

Since then, I try to care about my physical and mental condition, and it has become easy to feel them little by little. So when I’m not in good condition, I practice yoga within my comfort limits.

Listen to my body, feel a movement of my muscles and bones, adjust alignment, and find a comfortable position… It’s very important for me to try and focus both my mind and body at the same time, when I practice yoga.

For me, yoga is to feel and accept myself as I am.

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