An unwavering resolution to live true to yourself.

When you meet people who live true to themselves, what do you think about them?

“They have fortune on their side.”

“They are blessed with a good environment.”

“They have special ability by nature.” etc…

Are you sure of it?

We live under social rules and common sense in modern society. Almost all people are worried about other people’s opinions to make a decision and don’t realize that they repress their true self unconsciously. Don’t you have any thoughts about this?

People who live true to themselves are people who made up their mind to do what they like and what they want to do, even if they are disliked and criticized by others. They are not just lucky, but they decided to receive both good things and bad things to live true to themselves.

If you have critical feelings to them, consider if you can have an unwavering resolution like them. You just might be jealous of them.

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