Yoga affects our traveling life!?

I go to a yoga studio in each place for our traveling life. So when we decide the place where we go, the most important thing for me is if there is a yoga studio there.

I have some points to choose a yoga studio, for example there is a good teacher, I can have a challenging class, the studio is clean and has a nice atmosphere etc… and when I find a favorite studio, I become a repeater and go to the studio every visit.

Although I have my yoga studio rankings, recently the number one is changing. At the present moment, my best yoga studio is Apollo Power Yoga in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Reasons I like this studio are…

– They teach Power Vinyasa Yoga and I like this style of yoga.

– I can have a class at 7:30am every morning.

– Teachers are nice and friendly.

– I can have a different teacher’s class everyday, so I don’t lose interest.

– The studio is clean and has a comfortable atmosphere.

– The studio is within walking distance.

As above, almost all things are good for me.

For this reason, we decided to extend our stay in Christchurch over again, and we are likely to stay here almost all the time on this New Zealand trip.

“Apollo Power Yoga”

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