I got a terrible stomach ache because of chocolate…

I lay down all day because of stomach ache. The cause is probably chocolate.

Although I rarely eat sweets (I usually eat fruit with plain Greek yogurt or only fruit), I ate two bars of chocolate for tasting on Saturday (my man read something about tasting and we tried) and I had rich chocolate sweets for dessert when I ate out yesterday.

Certainly, when I ate those chocolates, the first mouthful was nice, but little by little I felt sick while I ate.

Then I got a terrible stomach ache this morning, even though I woke up early to have a yoga class. Understandably, I was far from doing yoga and gave up to go to a studio. (I woke up early as usual, though!)

Anyway, I always should grasp the limit of my body which changes on daily basis and I realized the blessing of good health once again.

(Who wrote about a healthy habit recently? Oh, it’s me! sigh…)

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