The reborn city, Chch!

(Do you know what “Chch” is? It’s an abbreviation of “Christchurch”.)

I came to Christchurch. It was within an hour flight from Nelson. It has been a long time to stay here more than a week.

It was three years ago I came to Christchurch at the first time and it was my first time visiting New Zealand.

I still remember I was shocked at the sight of the city center then.

Do you remember a big earthquake in Christchurch in February, 2011? When I came here in 2014, there were a lot of buildings in the city center which collapsed in the earthquake.

Although my man told me Christchurch was a beautiful city before the earthquake, I couldn’t imagine at all how beautiful it was. I felt a weird atmosphere especially in the nighttime and I wondered why recovery was delayed so much.

It has been six years since the earthquake happened. Now some new buildings are built in the city center. The atmosphere is completely different and it gets lively.

I’m so excited to enjoy the reborn city! I will have a yoga class early morning tomorrow immediately.

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