I don’t seem to get depression.

Although I wrote it in a previous post, I’m starved of Mother Nature at the moment.

“At this rate, I might get depression……”

But I don’t seem to need to be worried about it.

According to the book which I read now, the probability that an optimist will get depression is very low compared to a pessimist.

There is a test in this book which we can know if we are an optimist or a pessimist, and as the result of it, I seem like the former.

The test is like below…

“Someone asked you to finish some work, but you couldn’t finish all of it. What is the main reason?”

My answer is that I didn’t have enough time or I made a mistake about time allocation.

It seems that this is a typical answer of an optimist. (Incidentally, it seems that a person who tends to be a pessimist answers like this… “I didn’t have the ability to do this work” or “I had no guts” etc… Well, I certainly haven’t thought of it.)

This is why I don’t seem to get depression. Even if I get depression, it will be a very low probability.

Right, what shall I do next?


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