Lucky lion

The big city Hong Kong was lively today.

I heard the sound of drums and gongs, and saw a yellow dancing lion. Do you know what it is? It’s lion dance.

Lion dance is traditional dance in Chinese culture which people wear colorful lion costume and imitate lion’s movements.

Although it seems there are various theories about the origin of lion dance, the theory which is known well is as follows.

“There was a monster which looked like lion. This monster wasted the fields and attacked the villagers. One day they knew the monster’s weak point is a loud sound and a red color. Immediately they made red lion costume of paper and danced with a loud sounds. Then the monster got frightened and ran away.”

Since then, it’s said lion dance became established as a celebration dance for New Year and praying for a good harvest for the year and a thriving business etc.

It’s said lion dance remove evil spirits and bring luck, if you are bitten on your head by the lion, you will become happy, and if you touch its fur, you will become healthy.

How about coming and seeing the lucky lion in Hong Kong?


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