Real rival

Third day of Lunar New Year in Hong Kong. The big city is getting busy little by little.

By the way, did you watch Australian Open Tennis Men’s Singles Final “Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal” yesterday? Although I watched it at a cafe, everybody there was excited to watch the match and it was really fun time.

Today I will write about what I feel through watching this tennis match. The theme is “real rival”.

When you hear the word “rival”, what image do you have? I guess almost all people don’t have a good image about it.

It’s getting usual to compete with someone in modern society. For example, you compete with colleagues to get a promotion, you compete with others about your academic records or positions in life etc… Actually you might be tired of the situation like this at the moment.

In the final match, Mr. Federer and Mr. Nadal were rivals who competed for a victory. (They are always rivals as professional tennis players, though… ) But I didn’t feel a bad atmosphere between them, if anything, I felt a good atmosphere. They both were very polite and played fair with a deep respect. I could see and feel it more strongly at their trophy presentation.

Real rivals respect each other and influence each other to improve their performance. They never get in the way of other person’s success and they never act superior to others in an unrighteous manner.

Two heroes showed me this important thing though the exciting match.

Do you have true pride to be a real rival?


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