It has passed about a week in Hong Kong.

I take my favorite teacher Megala’s yoga class everyday. I have some challenges also at this time and I always keep challenging them. It’s really interesting to feel my progress day by day.

By the way, I have recently thought of one thing. It’s “why do people give up?”.

Although I wrote about the difference between a high self-efficacy person and a low self-efficacy person in the post “Self-efficacy” the other day, I wondered why a low self-efficacy person tends to give up easily. I felt the reason is not only self-efficacy.

Today I will write about what I think of this. The theme is “perfectionism“.

When I started thinking of why people give up, I guessed some reasons. For example, you are afraid to fail, you don’t want to be put to shame in company, or you have no confidence to achieve etc… But I feel these things are the second reason. So what is the first reason?

I think it’s you are fussy too much about reaching perfection from the beginning.

To set a high goal is a good thing, but it’s actually hard and difficult to achieve 100% perfect results after one or two times and too much pressure just makes you exhausted.

So how can you keep challenging without giving up?

I recommend to do it as a trial at first. It doesn’t matter if you can do it or not. You have only to grasp its whole aspect. And then, pick up one challenge from the trial experience and tackle it. After achieving it, pick up next challenge and tackle. Repeat this process every time. If you achieve challenges one by one, you will get a sense of accomplishment and will feel challenging is fun.

Never mind imperfection! Enjoy to challenge!!


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