My home country, Japan.

Today was the last day in Japan.

I was back to Japan for the first time in three years and stayed in three cities (Sapporo, Tokyo, and Kyoto) for three weeks. (Wow! It’s triple “three”!!)

Although I’m Japanese, to be honest, I still feel like coming to another country. It’s strange, isn’t it?

Certainly when I lived in Japan, I often felt uncomfortable. But then I thought it was wrong to feel so and I had to live out my life under this environment, because Japan is my home country.

Now I understand I can choose a place as I like which I feel comfortable even if it’s not my home country, and actually I live freely without binding social rules and general values while traveling. If I didn’t leave Japan, I would still have a dull lackluster life.

I wonder what I will think and feel when I come back to Japan next time…


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