We all are the same human beings.

The fifth day in Kyoto city. It was chilly and snowy today. (I didn’t think we would have snow in Kyoto!)

I will write about my impression of Kyoto city and what I feel through this impression.

To be honest, my impression of Kyoto city isn’t good. Because I don’t think the citizens of Kyoto are friendly. I feel a discriminatory attitude from them. (Of course, I have to say it’s not all citizens of Kyoto. I mean at least it’s some people who I have met for this five days.)

I was wondering about the reason, so I researched about it.

As a result, they seem to discriminate depending on if we are locals or tourists, and some of them discriminate depending on if they live in Kyoto city or not, even though they live in the same prefecture “Kyoto”. (In the latter case, a book which was written about this situation was published by a person who is from different city of Kyoto prefecture and got into the news.)

I wonder why they have the psychology like this.

I also have been discriminated in one European country. It’s because I’m Asian. I don’t think they have a clear reason of racial discrimination to Asians. I think that they just think they may treat Asians (or people of other countries) lightheartedly.

There are a huge number of people in this world and we have different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, common sense. It doesn’t mean good or bad, and also it doesn’t mean right or wrong. It means we all are just different.

The experience in Kyoto city gave me an opportunity to think of this again.

We all are the same human beings.

Thank you all!


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