Bento, Shinkansen, and Mt. Fuji.

I have been in Kyoto since yesterday.

I used the Shinkansen called “Nozomi” (it’s a Japanese bullet train) from Tokyo to Kyoto. It takes about only two hours and we can have some enjoyable things.

At first, I recommend to buy a bento (what can I say “bento” in English? A bento box or a lunch box?) at Tokyo station before departure.

There are a lot of bento shops at Tokyo station and one of them has more than 200 types of bento which use local specialties of all areas in Japan. They all look nice and it will make you excited to choose. (I chose a bento which had various kinds of colorful side dishes with rice.)

Then, you should book a reserved seat because you can see Mt. Fuji from inside the Shinkansen.

It has five seats in a line (a seaward side: A, B, C / a land side: D, E) and seat D & E are the best seats for Mt. Fuji. You can see it about 40 mins after departing from Tokyo. (It was fine weather yesterday and I could see beautiful Mt. Fuji covered with snow.)

Last, we have four seasons in Japan, so you will be able to enjoy seasonal scenery depending on the season. (The best timing of seeing Mt. Fuji is in the morning of February. It is said that it has a high probability of having clear skies.)

How about going out by the Shinkansen with a delicious bento?


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