The live music in Kamakura.

I went to Kamakura to see a live music last night.

Kamakura is a coastal city in Kanagawa Prefecture which was the political capital of Japan during the Kamakura shogunate from 1185 to 1333.

Today Kamakura is a popular tourist place and there are many temples, shrines, and other historical monuments to visit. (I feel the atmosphere of Kamakura is similar to Kyoto.) It’s about an hour train ride from Tokyo, so I recommend to visit this spot if you come to Tokyo for sightseeing.

The live was done at a small jazz club.

Artists were Kai Petite (bilingual vocal & guitar) and Natsuki Kurai (harmonica), and their style of music is jazz, blues, and folk etc… mixing style.

Although I should explain their music here, I would really like you to listen to it. Don’t need words! We can do a trial listening of their album on iTunes, so you should check it out if you like!!

“Busk till Dawn”  Album by Kai, Natsuki

“Kai, Natsuki official website”

“Kai Petite official website”

“Natsuki Kurai official website”


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