Be resourceful!

I came to Tokyo yesterday.

Although my man and I were thinking of staying in Sapporo for only a week at first, we stayed there for eleven days as a result, because we couldn’t book a flight on a preferred date. Like this, our traveling is always flexible.

Today I will write about an interesting experience of our flexible traveling.

It was when we were in Wellington, New Zealand. After staying in Wellington for several days, we decided to extend our stay there for a few more days and started looking for a new place to stay online.

Soon a problem occurred. Of all things, all accommodation in Wellington was booked. But there was no time to lose because we had to checkout after thirty minutes.

“Ok, so let’s go to Starbucks, connect WIFI, and think about the future while drinking a coffee!”

Then we kept cool and hit upon a good idea which we went to the other city in the North Island of New Zealand. (Because Wellington is also in the North Island and it was easy to move.) Immediately, we chose the city which we were interested in, booked an accommodation and a flight, moved to the airport and flew to the new city Napier.

The required time for this flow was about only three hours. It was a fun, exciting, and adventurous experience.

It’s full of information in modern society. When we retrieve information on the internet, we can get the answer easily. The internet is the useful tool and I don’t intend to contradict it, but it’s very dangerous to depend on it too much because it means we lose the opportunity to consider things well and act by our own decisions.

Nobody knows what will happen in the future. I think it’s more important to develop the ability of resourcefulness than to learn new skills of the internet.

Be resourceful!


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