You decide your ability by yourself.

Today’s theme is “You decide your ability by yourself.”

My man and I went to a conveyor belt sushi shop for dinner last night. (He calls it sushi train. It seems to have a different name depending on the country.)

The northernmost island of Japan, Hokkaido is famous for seafood and we can always have fresh seafood. (By the way, although there are many conveyor belt sushi shops abroad, their sushi is not sushi from the Japanese point of view. I would like you to try real sushi in Hokkaido. You will be very impressed with its deliciousness.)

When we went to the sushi shop, there was a long queue already and we stood in it. It’s quite usual for Japanese to make a long queue if it’s a popular restaurant.

30 minutes had passed… We were still standing in the long queue.

45 minutes had passed… The long queue was still snaking and there was no indication our turn came at all.

An hour had passed… We started thinking of giving up but we decided to wait for a little bit more because we wanted to eat delicious sushi at any risk!

One and a quarter hours had passed… We thought we might have been almost there and our expectations rose.

One and a half hours had passed… Finally our turn came and we enjoyed eating delicious sushi with beer!! (It was alcohol-free beer, though…)

By the way…

When you challenge yourself to new things, what is your action pattern?

Can you continue to challenge them until you succeed? Or do you give up them soon if you try and fail only two or three times?

If you continue to challenge them, you will achieve success and your ability will be developed even if it takes a long time. And if you give up soon, your ability will lose the opportunity to be developed and as a result you won’t be able to achieve anything.

Although certainly there are some people who have a native ability, I think we can develop our ability by ourselves.

“You decide your ability by yourself.”

We all are rough diamonds.


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