Is it really a problem?

I think almost all people have an experience to have trouble with human relations. Today I will write what I feel about it. The theme is “Is it really a problem?”

I was back to Japan for the first time in three years to spend year-end and new year holidays with my parents, but actually I couldn’t because my mother refused I visited them.

When I started this traveling life three years ago, she was strong against it. She couldn’t approve I quit my job and live abroad with a foreign man, and still now she isn’t pleased with it.

According to my father (he understands me and we enjoyed having lunch yesterday), although she seems to be worried about me, she is stubborn, so it will take a little bit more time for her to approve I live my life the way I want to.

Under this situation which people usually feel it’s bad, I don’t do anything. I mean I don’t try to do anything to persuade her and to humor her etc…

Why don’t I try to do anything? Because I don’t think it’s a problem.

It’s the fact she doesn’t approve of the choice of my life yet and isn’t pleased with what I do as I like, and she thinks it’s the big problem even though it’s not the problem for me.

The point is she judges what I do is the bad thing and she treats it as the problem.

When people have trouble with human relations, it’s usually because of the difference of common sense, values, or a way of thinking or feeling. And then people think it’s a problem and try to change the others.

The important thing is to understand everybody are different and nobody can change the others even if they are your family, and not to problematize it.

Do you have trouble with human relations now? It might be a problem which is made by yourself.


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