What is “reading a book” for you?

Happy New Year 2017!!

Are you enjoying new year’s holidays? I’m getting used to being in this cold city Sapporo.

Although I wrote that I felt something is uneasy in Sapporo (and Japan) in the previous post, of course, I also have good things here as a Japanese person.

For example, I can have conversations with the others in my native language Japanese (for your information, I don’t speak English well), I can eat real Japanese food, it’s clean almost everywhere (oh, it’s my personal reason??) etc… Above all, the best thing is that I can get many Japanese books in bookstores.

I like reading books and I always read digital books when I’m abroad. (Because it’s difficult to find Japanese bookstores abroad and even if I find them, their selection isn’t enough for me…)

Anyway, although I can buy and read Japanese digital books abroad, to be honest, I don’t like digital books. I know that digital books are very convenient, but I like paper books better than digital books.

Why do I like paper books? Or rather, why do I like buying paper books in bookstores and reading them? There are two reasons.

One is that I can look over the contents of books directly. When you buy a digital book, haven’t you had an experience that the contents of book are completely different from your expectations as you go on reading it? I don’t want to be disappointed because of it, when I read a book.

The other is that I can get a chance to discover new books which I haven’t been interested in and can spread my world. There are a huge variety of books in bookstores and when I look over books which have an unknown world, it excites my curiosity and gives me new viewpoints. As I look at myself objectively, it’s interesting that I choose completely different types of book.

For me, reading a book is not just reading a book. The flow which I go to bookstore, choose, buy, and read books makes me excited. It’s a little bit maniac, though.

What is “reading a book” for you?


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