I’m different from how I was then.

I’m in Sapporo, Japan now.

As I wrote in the previous post, I had lived and worked in Sapporo for more than ten years. Although I thought Sapporo was a very convenient city to live then, now I have completely different feelings to this city.

Since I started this traveling life, I have thought of how I can live simply, so for me this convenient city life makes me felt confused and gives me too much information.

What I felt strange in Sapporo (and Japan) are the following;

– The public transport is complete and perfect, we can get almost all things, and here is full of information. But because of this, people don’t consider things well and don’t improve their life by their own ideas. I feel they seem to live from force of habit.

– If you visit Japan, you will have polite service at hotels, shops, and restaurants etc. But for me it’s a businesslike manner with a fake smile sometimes. It’s like talking with robots.

– There are many people who are concerned about their appearances. Especially young people wear similar clothes and almost all girls and women put on too much make up. It’s really unnatural and I don’t feel their personality at all.

I was born and raised in Japan. I’m a native Japanese. Even though I’m Japanese, I feel something is uneasy just a little bit in this country. But l don’t grieve about it because I think I become to be able to see, understand, and consider things from various angles objectively.

I have had opportunities to meet people who have different nationalities, generations, cultures, backgrounds, common sense, thoughts and have had a variety of experiences since I started this traveling life. And because of these opportunities, I can get a lot of chances and choices to think and create my life by myself.

I’m different from how I was then and it shows me I enjoy my life without binding myself by the social rules and the general values.


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