Christmas holidays in the Marlborough Sounds.

How was the Christmas holidays?

I was in the Marlborough Sounds with my man and his family which are an extensive sea-drowned valleys in the Marlborough region of the South Island of New Zealand.

The Marlborough Sounds are one and a half hours driving from Richmond (Richmond is a town close to Nelson.) and it’s a calm and peaceful place full of nature.

Almost all people in the Sounds have a boat and they enjoy fishing, take a cruise, and go to a coastal village Havelock by boat. The Marlborough Sounds is famous for greenshell mussels and I have gotten my man’s father to take me to a mussel farm in the Sounds by boat. (There are some restaurants in Havelock and we can enjoy eating mussels. It’s just nice!)

Marlborough is also famous for production of sauvignon blanc and it’s New Zealand’s sauvignon blanc capital with 90% of the country’s sauvignon blanc plantings.

Although there are not many people and it’s a really quiet place, if you want to have a peaceful mind in your holidays, I recommend you to add the Marlborough Sounds in your traveling list.


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