A short day trip in NZ (2)

I will write about a short day trip from continuation of yesterday’s post A short day trip in NZ (1)

Spot 2: “Riwaka Resurgence”

After lunch, we went to Riwaka Resurgence. It was about 20-30mins driving from “Jester House”.

Driving in New Zealand is really amazing. On the way to Riwaka Resurgence, I said hello to sheep, cows, and horses, and passed some orchards and a hop field. Then the view from the car window changed to a deep valley. It was just spectacular. The valley road took us to the resurgence.

There is a gate which is decorated with woodcarving of the Maori at the entrance. The flowing clear water made a relaxing sound, and moss-covered and water-worn rocks create a fantastic atmosphere. At the resurgence cave and pool, we can go down from the platform and see them near by.

From the entrance to the resurgence, it took about 5mins walk, so it’s easy to stop by during driving. You should go to this beautiful spot.


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