A short day trip in NZ (1)

I haven’t written anything for my blog for a while…

I’m still in Richmond, New Zealand and enjoy spending time with my man’s parents here.

Today I went on a short day trip with my man and his parents. We visited some spots and I will write about them for several days. (Although I should write everything today, I don’t know why but I’m very busy everyday. Sorry guys!)

Spot 1: “Jester House”

It’s a cafe and B&B. We had lunch here. It was a comfortable wooden house cafe and as it’s “Jester House”, there were some things of jester… Dolls, shoes, paintings etc…

They serve local, fresh, organic foods and it was delicious. (I had seafood chowder containing fresh and smoked fishes, and mussels. Around here, it’s famous for mussels and it’s really nice!)

We walked around a garden after lunch. The garden was just lovely. Many beautiful flowers blossom in this season. There is a small river in the garden and we can see the big tame eels near by.

Although I just looked at the outside of the building, there is an accommodation which is the shape of the boot.

It takes about 40mins from Richmond to “Jester House” by car. I recommend to rent a car and go there when you come to the Tasman region in the South Island of New Zealand.

“Jester House”   jesterhouse.co.nz


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