We often hear it’s good to take a deep breath when we feel stress, but why is deep breathing effective in stress? Today’s theme is “breathing” and I will write what I realized about it.

Recently I bought a book** of Ashtanga yoga. In this book, it’s written as follows;

“Don’t breath along to a movement, but move along to breathing.”

“The essence of vinyasa in Ashtanga yoga is to go along with breathing and a movement.”

**Ashtanga Yoga : The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide to Dynamic Yoga ~ by John Scott (Japanese edition)

Even though I had many classes of the vinyasa style of yoga, to be honest, I didn’t know this. So immediately I tried this new method this morning.

As a result, it was really amazing!! Although I felt tension of the muscles and sometimes got out of breath when I moved without attention of breathing, I could move my body smoothly and felt relaxed at the same time when I moved along to deep breathing. To my surprise, the relaxed state in which I felt during yoga was continued for many hours.

All right, let’s back to this question. Why is deep breathing effective in stress?

When we take a deep breath, all of our muscles relax, and then when the muscles relax, we relax tense nerves because mind and body are connected. So I think deep breathing makes us calm.

This is what I realized about “breathing” through yoga today.


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