A person who controls time controls life.

“6hrs and 30mins”

What’s this time do you guess?

Recently I keep early hours everyday to make a habit of doing yoga before breakfast. My routine is the below…

I go to bed at 10:00pm and wake up at 5:30am. Then I wash my face, change into yoga wear, clean the room, do housework a little bit until my brain and body wake up and finally I start doing yoga at 6:30am.

I continued this routine for a few days and realized an interesting thing. I always wake up around 4:30am without the alarm. (I woke up at 4:40am this morning. It’s too early to wake up!) I suppose “6hrs and 30mins” seems to be the right time to sleep for me.

And so I will make an experiment to see if it’s certain tonight. My bedtime will change to 11:00pm. Can I really wake up at 5:30am without the alarm tomorrow morning!?

Anyway, to know the right sleeping time is useful to control time each day. Sleeping time takes about 1/3 or 1/4 of 24 hours. It’s up to you if you use remaining time effectively or not. Which is good for you to control your time or to be controlled by time?

“A person who controls time controls life.”


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