Your decision makes your future.

I decided to stop going to a yoga studio in Noosa today even though I still have 5 class passes.

The reason is simple. It’s that I want to practice Ashtanga yoga.

Now I’m interested in Ashtanga yoga and I mainly had had Ashtanga class at the studio. But suddenly Ashtanga class was finished two weeks ago. I still had 10 more class passes then. I thought it was a waste not to use all class passes and I could have other classes, so I continued to go to this studio.

Although I enjoyed other classes, I felt something strange in my mind day by day.

“Why do I have to continue what I don’t want to do?”

Finally I realized I had forced myself to choose some classes and join them even though my mind said “NO”. Definitely it’s waste to leave the remaining passes, but to continue what I don’t want to do is to waste my precious time.

When you decide or choose something, you might think which is the correct thing to make a profit. But the important thing is if you feel happy with your decision.

Your decision makes your future. If you want to have the future which you wish, you should stop doing what you don’t want to do and should do what you want to do immediately.


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