Different common sense.

I saw an interesting situation at a favorite cafe today.

My man and I were sitting at an outside seat as usual. A young couple came to our next seat and a man was about to smoke. Just then a cafe staff brought their coffee and started explaining a rule which says they can’t smoke at cafes and restaurants even if they sit at an outside seat.

It’s the rule in Australia. They were tourists and just didn’t seem to know it. The man understood it and enjoyed chatting and coffees with his girlfriend.

When I saw this situation, I thought one thing. It’s that “each of us has different common sense.”

For example, when someone dose something which you never do, don’t you think or say the following to this person?

“Why do you do this? I never do this. It’s common sense, isn’t it?”

Unfortunately, your common sense is not so common. Because we were born and brought up in different places or from different generations and each of our common sense is based on them, so it’s an ordinary thing for the others not to be able to understand your common sense sometimes.

Although it’s your choice whether you tell someone to change their common sense, it’s their choices whether they accept your common sense. We can’t change the others.

“Each of us has different common sense.”

If you remember this, you won’t need to feel stress and complain to someone unnecessarily.


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