How to stop the bad habit.

I was a heavy drinker before. I often went for a drink after work and I drank with friends all night long every weekend. But now I never drink and also never want to drink.

How did I change my bad habit? Today’s theme is “How to stop the bad habit”.

It was the next day of drinking. When I woke up, I felt something unusual. Although I didn’t feel sick, I had a headache, I felt languid all of my body, and the skin condition of my face became bad. Around the same time, I started weight training with a personal trainer and came to realize the change of my body condition easily.

I wondered why I drank and I thought of the positive sides and the negative sides for drinking.

I was surprised the result because there was no positive sides. I just drank out of habit! And it was easy to find a lot of negative sides… I had a headache, the skin condition got bad, I felt dull, it was easy to get fat, my brain didn’t work during working etc…

Then I stopped drinking completely. I haven’t drunk more than two and a half years.

The point to stop the bad habit is to think of the positive sides and the negative sides objectively, and to analyze yourself why you continue the bad habit. After doing these things, you will realize the bad habit doesn’t bring you a good result.

This way also can be applied when you start a new good habit.

For example, when you try to start running, it’s easy to focus the negative sides… You can’t wake up early for running, you can’t be bothered to go for run, running makes you tired etc… But if you focus the positive sides, you will feel enjoyable for running and be able to keep your motivation. Even if the positive sides are tiny things, it doesn’t matter. Tiny things bring more and give you great effects.

Which will you choose to continue the bad habit or to start the good habit?


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