Yoga with Mandy.

I had a regrettable event last Wednesday. My favorite Ashtanga yoga class finished on that day.

When I stay in Noosa, I go to a yoga studio “Yoga Circle”. We can have various classes here and especially I liked Ashtanga class.

Although I liked Ashtanga yoga before, I decided to practice it seriously after having Mandy’s Ashtanga class.

Mandy is a yoga teacher who has the greatest passion for yoga. Her class has a comfortable atmosphere and she always encourages us to challenge various poses. I also have a good impression of her because she is a yoga teacher and yoga practitioner who enjoys her yoga progress.

I think meeting good teachers is a very important thing when we start practicing yoga and I was lucky I could practice Ashtanga yoga with her.

If you have a chance to come to the Sunshine Coast in Australia, I recommend to join her class.

“Mandy Habener website”


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