Keep thinking always…

While I stayed in Sydney last week, I bought a new yoga mat.

Actually, I couldn’t decide if I bought the new mat or not because I didn’t want to increase my things.

When I do yoga, I always sweat profusely, so I had used a yoga towel for a long time. (The yoga towel is a towel mat to spread on the yoga mat to make sure it doesn’t slip.)

Although this towel mat is not bad, it has one problem. It doesn’t work for dry hands and feet. Because of this, I had to use my extra strength to keep poses until I sweat.

I already tried the new mat three times and it’s really good. The grip doesn’t make me slip on the mat and it’s easy to keep poses comfortably. (For your information, my new mat is “Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm”)

As a result, I made a good choice but I think I should have thought of various ways to find the best mat earlier.

I learned a lesson…

“Keep thinking always to find the best way.”


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