Why do you go on a trip for holidays?

Today was the last day of Sydney.

Although I have been a traveler more than two years, I’m not the kind of traveler which people usually imagine. But at this time I was a short term visitor in Sydney and I wondered one thing, so I want to write about it today.

Here is a question.

“When you go on a trip for holidays, is it possible to be fine as usual during trip?”

I know it’s a strange question and you might not understand it at first. Ok, I will tell you my story as an example.

I came to Sydney on last Friday and felt sick first two days. The cause was that my lifestyle rhythms changed.

For example food. Normally I don’t eat a lot. I have a homemade green smoothie for breakfast, have cheese, nuts, and dried dates for lunch, and have vegetables, eggs, and sometimes fish for dinner. But here when I had a bread and yoghurt for breakfast, I had a stomachache and when I had a little greasy food at restaurants, I felt sick.

What I want to say is that even though we go on a trip for holidays for relaxation, if we feel tired or feel sick because our lifestyle rhythms change, our action conflicts with what we wish.

Is it only me who think like this??


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