Take control of yourself with the purpose.

When we do something, we forget the purpose sometimes. The following are such typical examples.

– You started a blog to express your thought, but now you spend most of your time increasing the number of viewers.

– You started a new business to spread your interesting idea, but now you work hard just for money.

Today I will write about the importance of the purpose.

Here is a question.

“When you do something, do you focus your viewpoint on the purpose?”

To define and focus on the purpose is very important because it means you take control of yourself.

The examples above show you what happens when you forget the purpose. Did you realize that your viewpoint changes from the purpose (yourself) to others or things? Do you understand what it means? It means others or things take control of you.

When others or things take control of you, you lose yourself. You are always driven by others or things, you waver between hope and despair depending on their words or situations, and finally you become their slave. What a fearful thing!

Actually when it passed about one month I started writing this blog, I was almost caught in this trap. Fortunately I realized it and could change course along the purpose. (You can see the situation then from this post About my blog.)

If you want to have the future which you wish, the purpose will lead you to the right direction.


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