Women’s make-up and perfume.

I have two questions for women.

First question. “Do you usually apply make-up? or do you perfume?”

Almost all women will answer “YES”.

Ok, next questions. “Why do you apply make-up? Why do you perfume?”

Today’s theme is about “women’s make-up and perfume”. I will write two stories I have experienced recently. Please compare with your thought of make-up and perfume and consider it while you read these stories.

Story 1 ; at a yoga studio.   A woman came next to me. She made-up her face beautifully and perfume. Although I didn’t mind her make-up (to be honest, I felt strange), I felt sick from her perfume because breathing is very important for yoga and I had to smell it every breathe.

Story 2 ; at a restaurant.   The group of two middle-aged couples came into the restaurant. One of the women was pervaded with the scent of perfume and I couldn’t enjoy nice smells of food. She didn’t seem to realize her heavy smell.

What do you think of these stories?

I don’t blame women who apply make-up and perfume. It’s a good thing women care about their appearances as a woman. I just want to say too much make-up and perfume hides women’s appeal and make the others feel bad sometimes.

Originally all women are beautiful. How about enjoying your natural beauty?


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