It’s just a car.

I write a story you might think I am a cold person.

On the way home from a supermarket yesterday, I saw a middle-aged couple.

When I passed them, I felt they were upset from their conversations. While they parked their car on the street, someone’s car seemed to hit their car and be gone without say anything.

They seemed to want to find out the culprit, but unfortunately it was impossible because they didn’t know who it was.

Then I said to them in my mind,

“It’s just a car…”

I was surprised myself. If people who have the same situation are said like this, they will get angry definitely.

Actually my real meaning of this words is as follows,

“It’s just a car… If the culprit’s car hit your car when you drove, you might have injured or lost your life. But you guys are still fine!”

I am a minimalist. The life as a minimalist taught me an important thing. It was that things never make me happy.

The happiness is really simple and we just realize it.


One thought on “It’s just a car.”

  1. I am attempting to become more a minimalist. A work in progress. I had mixed reactions to this post. It is just a car but empathetically these people have been upset, as people do, by the damage to the car I suspect but also the feeling of disrespect. It takes time and grace, and significant learning for many of us to rise above this kind of incident and have a response that reflects this. One that sounds like, ‘oh well, its just a car. I am sure this person didn’t mean to hit us and they have their own learning. And when we can afford it we will get it fixed. Or hey, why don’t we sell our car and start biking everywhere!?!’ Hallelujah when that starts happening all around us. I know my responses vary depending on how I feel, how broke I am and how the other person as behaved. Love and light to you and Graeme xox


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