Here is a question.

Here is a question for people who have a mobile phone.

“Do you ALWAYS want to keep holding your mobile phone by your side?”

If your answer is “YES”, what is the reason?

At this morning’s yoga class, I saw a strange situation again. (why again? If you want to know the reason, please check Mobile phone poisoning.)

I was the front row of the wall side. A young woman came next to me and she put an eye pillow by her mat. I felt strange and immediately understood the reason.

She covered her phone with the eye pillow to hide it. I was very surprised because almost all yoga studio show us the rule that we have to turn off or set a manner mode on our phone and put it in a locker during the class.

It was 75 minutes class. I wondered why she couldn’t wait for checking her phone until the class was finished.

I just want to know the reason why people depend on their mobile phones too much.


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