What is the fact?

I don’t watch TV and don’t read a newspaper intentionally because the news describes the facts from only one angle.

I introduce you a story which was written by a Japanese woman in her blog.

She got married with a French man and has lived in Paris for a long time.

When “November 2015 Paris attacks” happened, she was in Paris. A curfew was imposed on the city and many extreme pictures were broadcast on TV. These happenings caused people to have bad images of Muslim people.

She has three children and they have some Muslim classmates. After this attacks, she was troubled how she explained this situation to them. But she didn’t need to be worried about it because her children understood the true facts. They said to their Muslim classmates, “We understand you are not wrong.”

The news on TV and the contents of newspapers excite humans curiosity, especially in case of bad news, and people recognize them as the fact even though they are described from only one angle. As her children did, if we understand the true facts, we don’t need to become new assailants and don’t need to make new victims.

Remember we always have to understand the facts from various angles.


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