How to approach success.

I posted Failure teaches success yesterday. I will write a related thing about it today.

Here is a question. (Please choose the answer below.)

“When you try something new, if you fail it, what will you do next?”

1. Give up immediately.  //  2. Give up after you try it two or three times.  //  3. Continue it until you succeed.

If you chose 1 or 2, I recommend to read yesterday’s post with today’s one. If you chose 3, I hope this post will be an useful information for you.

When people fail something, they usually give up soon. Generally failure still have negative images in human society and almost all people don’t want to feel bad again after they failed. I understand their feelings and everybody wants to succeed without failure.

Now I introduce you how to approach success. (This is my own way. If you get a hint, I will be happy.)

There are 3 points;

1. Find the root cause of failure.   Failure has the cause. If you find it, you can approach success. Think about the cause from various angles.

2. Try some different ways.   If you find the root cause of failure, try again with different ways. Be careful not to try same way because you already know it doesn’t work.

3. Know your worth never change even if you fail.   When you fail, you might feel depressed and miserable. But don’t worry, you just don’t know the correct way. Even if you fail something, your worth will never change.

If you overcome failure once, you will feel trying something is really fun. Believe in your potential and make your new world!!


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