Mobile phone poisoning.

I went to a lovely french restaurant for dinner last night and saw a strange situation.

There were two contrasting women’s groups. One was enjoying talking during dinner and the other was taking photos on their mobile phones and using them all the time.

As the latter women sat at their table, they started taking photo on each phone. I sometimes see this situation at restaurants, so I didn’t mind it.

In the restaurant it was illuminated by indirect lightning and candlelight and it was a nice atmosphere. But they continued to use their phones after taking first photos and soon the second photo shooting started. They took photos of every dish that came.

Can you imagine this situation which has the sound of a shutter and the bright light of the phone screens all the time?

Now almost all people have mobile phones (incidentally, I haven’t had a mobile phone for more than 2 years intentionally) and I feel some people depend on their phones too much. It’s mobile phone poisoning.

Although a mobile phone is useful in daily life, I regret people forget to enjoy right now at this moment.


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