Which spot will you choose?

Today’s post is about yoga. Having said that, I don’t intend to write about yoga poses and yoga philosophy.

The theme is “Which spot will you choose to do yoga at a yoga studio?” (The class is not full, so you can choose it freely.)

Or if you don’t do yoga, please change the situation like this… “Which seat will you choose to attend a lecture at a university?”

Did you think of your answer and reason?

It’s neither good nor bad. I just feel it seems to show our characters.

For example, a person who chooses the front row might be active, a person who chooses the middle row might not like standing out to a teacher, and a person who chooses the back row might want to look at another person’s movements etc…

Incidentally, I always choose the front row of the wall side. The reason is mainly I want to look at the teacher’s movements to check the correct alignments because I don’t understand what they say in English sometimes and I don’t want to hit a person when I spread my arms.

I think analyzing our character by ourselves is interesting to know ourselves.

What do you think of yourself?


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