Think not on what you lack…

It has passed almost 5 weeks since I came to Noosa in Australia and I have spent a very calm day everyday.

Noosa is a small beach town and it’s popular place for tourists but people who like exciting city life might feel bored if they stay here for a long time.

In fact, I feel the inconvenience sometimes, for example the number of yoga classes at the studio for a day are very few compared to the city’s one, there is no large bookstore, there is no Starbucks etc… And Noosa is too peaceful to find news for this blog, so recently I have trouble!!

I don’t intend to complain of it. I want to write what I realized under this situation.

As mentioned above, everyday is a very calm day in Noosa. The climate here is nice throughout the year, people are friendly, and we can always feel the great nature. For these reasons, I don’t feel any stress and don’t get annoyed at all while I’m staying here.

There are no stress and negative emotions in daily life. It’s a really fabulous thing, isn’t it?

I will finish writing this post with the following proverb.

“Think not on what you lack as much as on what you have.”


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