Update the consciousness.

I go to yoga studio almost everyday. I like doing yoga and want to progress day by day.

But recently, to be honest, I have got bored to do yoga.

I considered the reason… Should I change the yoga studio to have more challenging classes? Is the timetable fine for me? How about teachers and classes? etc…

I started finding a new yoga studio and at the same time I felt I was missing the point.

“What is this strange feeling?”

Then I realized finding a new studio doesn’t have a meaning. Even if I find a new place, I will feel bored again.

When we continue to do same things for a long time, sometimes we forget its purpose and come to do it out of habit, and even though we try to change the environment or the way, we repeat a same pattern as a result.

First what we have to do is to find the root cause of the problem. It’s usually because of our consciousness. Before changing something, we need to remember the purpose and update our consciousness. Then if we need to change, we do so.

To update our consciousness leads us to conscious actions.


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